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iQR.AU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is iQR.AU and how does it work?

iQR.AU is an online platform designed for easy QR code generation. To use it, simply enter the URL or text you want to encode in the QR code, customize the design if you wish, and click the "Generate" button. Your QR code will be created instantly and ready for download or sharing.

Is iQR.AU free to use?

Yes, iQR.AU is completely free for basic QR code generation. We may offer advanced features in the future that could be part of a premium service.

What is the redirection page and how do I get rid of it?

For Dynamic Links, you may find a redirect page which comes up for 5 seconds on occasion. This is there for 2 reasons - for security and validation (we validate outbound URLs and make sure they are still safe) and for a little bit of shameless self promotion. We want everyone to know about the service. You will be able to get rid of it in future as a paid service for your URL.

How may scans to I get on my Dynamic QR Code before the redirection page shows UP?

For Dynamic Links, every new gode gets 50 free scans before the redirection page *may* be presented.

Can I buy any free scans to get rid of the redirect page?

Yes - you can! See the store and buy the number of scans you want need.

What happens if the ad free scans are exhausted?

The dynamic QR will revert to standard behaviour and randomly show the redirect page.

How can I customize my QR code on iQR.AU?

You can customize your QR code by choosing different colors for the foreground and background, adjusting the size to fit your needs, and setting the border width. These options are available in the “Options” menu on our site. If you want to create your own dynamic names for your link this is possible also. We are trialling this with a limited number of people now, so please contact us and we'll send you the details.

What types of data can I encode in a QR code using iQR.AU?

Currently iQR.AU is made specifically for URL redirection and link creation. This may change in future.

Can I edit my QR code after creating it on iQR.AU?

Static QR codes cannot be edited once created. However, we are working on implementing dynamic QR codes, which can be edited even after generation.

Are you going to link me to something dangerous?

Whilst every caution is taken by iQR.AU to check the safety of sites it links to, we are not responsible for the links created by the site by third parties. We check domains, we check links as best we can, but if we miss something, Report it directly, or simply add ".report" to the end of the link to be taken to the report page.

How do I download the QR code I created?

Once your QR code is generated, click the “Download QR Code” link. You can save the QR code image in formats like PNG or JPG, depending on your needs. More formats are coming.

What are dynamic QR codes, and how are they different from static QR codes?

Dynamic QR codes allow you to change the encoded information without altering the QR code image, making them ideal for content that needs updating. Static QR codes, once created, cannot be changed; the data is fixed.

How do I edit my Dynamic QR Code

To edit your dynamic QR Code simply add ".edit" to the end of the code e.g. and this will provide access to edit the dynamic QRCode destination. Once on the edit page, enter the edit Secret which was provided when you created the code. If you do not have the Edit Key Secret, then you can have this sent to you using the recovery email provided when you created the code. If you do not have the secret or the recovery email, then you cannot edit the code.

How do I report a bad iQR.AU QRCode shortlink?

To report a bad dynamic QR Code simply add ".report" to the end of the code e.g. and this will take you to the report form. Enter your contact details and reason for reporting the code and we will review your request and take appropriate action as warranted.

Is there a limit to the number of QR codes I can generate on iQR.AU?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of QR codes you can generate on iQR.AU. Feel free to create as many as you need.

How can I ensure my QR code is readable?

For best readability, ensure good contrast between the QR code color and its background. Avoid small sizes; a larger QR code is easier to scan. Also, test the QR code in different environments to ensure it scans correctly.

I really need a feature on this site!

Nothing is out of the question entirely, just ask via the contact form and we will get back to you.

What should I do if my QR code isn’t working as expected?

If your QR code isn't working, first check if the encoded data is correct. Ensure the QR code isn't too small and has a clear contrast. If issues persist, contact our support team for assistance.

Who created this and why?

This website and application has been built by Andrew Heath who has built this for fun and usefulness. You can visit Andrew's website or visit some of his other web app projects like Redir301 ( or Herepoint ( or Random Password Generator.

I love your work can I pay you?

If you use the site and find it useful then buy me a coffee. Other paid features coming if we get enough interest.